“Sneaker Head” SNEAKER DOCUMENTARY (Solez & Swagg)

“Sneaker Head” SNEAKER DOCUMENTARY (Solez & Swagg)

Sneaker Head” SNEAKER DOCUMENTARY (Solez & Swagg)
Executive Producer: MICHAEL ROSA

SNEAKER QUESTIONS: Jordan or Yeezy, Boost or Bubble & Nike or Adidas

SNEAKER QUESTIONS: Jordan or Yeezy, Boost or Bubble & Nike or Adidas by DANTE LUNA

Troubleshooting: Can’t Delete Custom Folders in LPX Plugin Manager

So, you created a custom folder in the Logic Pro’s Plugin Manager and now, no matter what you do, you can’t modify or delete it.

We can fix that. But first, here’s some quick information to explain what’s happening:

You can’t change the folder, because the data is kept in .tagset files and MusicApps.tagpool.

  • The .tagset files correspond to each folders presence in the plug-in menu.
  • MusicApps.tagpool contains the data you see in the Plug-in Manager.

So we need to quickly modify that file. Here’s how to do it in 7 short steps:

Step One: 

Quit Logic

You already know how to this. Just don’t forget to Save whatever you’re working on.

Step Two:

Locate the MusicApps.tagpool file

Open a Spotlight search from a Finder window by pressing: ⌥+⌘+Space. (Option+Command+Spacebar).


Copy (⌘+C) and Paste (⌘+V) the term “MusicApps.tagpool” (without quotations)  in the Spotlight search bar.

Right-click on the file to Show In Enclosing Folder (see image below.)

Show In Enclosing Folder.png

Step Three:

Open the File In TextEdit

Simply Drag and Drop the file onto the TextEdit icon in your Dock or in Finder.

Step Four:

Highlight and Delete the Folders Name

The more Custom Folders you have, the more text you’ll have to search through.

To make it simple use the Find shortcut (⌘-F ) to locate the name of the folder you want to delete.

As you can see here , I have a folder named “LW Mixing Tools : Reverb”:


Step Five:

Delete the entire entry


When it’s gone, it should look like this:


Step Six:

Save The Changes You Just Made

You can either click File>Save or press ⌘+S.

Step Seven:

Check Your Work

That’s it, we’re done! Just open Logic and check your Plug-in Manager to make sure that the folder is gone.

NOTE: Occasionally if you leave a plugin in the folder before deleting it, you’ll still have to get rid of the corresponding ‘.tagset’ file in order to have the folder disappear from the actual plug-in menu (not the Plugin Manager).

It’s just as easy to find the appropriate file if you sort through the contents of the Tags folder, searching by ‘date modified’. You can verify you have the correct file by opening it with TextEdit just like we did here.

When you find the appropriate ‘.tagset’ file, delete it.

New Film Credit – Dante Luna 9/11 Tribute

Dante Luna put together a beautiful piece with footage gathered from NYC on the anniversary of 9/11. He brought the story to life with an instrumental from my latest free release Industrial Bangerz vol. 
(Click the link above for 15 FREE* beats!)

Statue of Liberty & Ground Zero Tribute on September 11, 2015
Directed by: Dante Luna
Audio by: Lifewhyz
Release Date: Jan 24, 2018